Pin to Win: How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

As the love child of Flickr and Etsy, Pinterest has steadily become the online guilty pleasure of many. From decorating ideas to mouthwatering recipes to future wedding planning (often formed before marriage has even been proposed), Pinterest has quickly proven its worth in the Social Media arena. However, finding ways to use the site professionally can be tricky.

These are a few of my favorite tips on how to get the most out of Pinterest for your business:

Make sure Pinterest is a match for you

Pinterest caters to web surfers interested in home décor, DIY projects, recipes, art and fashion. With that said, if you’re in the insurance business this may not be the tool for you. However, if you’re not directly involved with the arts, you can still find your footing in the Pinterest arena. Some things you can add to Pinterest on behalf of your business may include:

  • High-quality pictures of the city you work in or your exceptional office space
  • Infographics (as witnessed here courtesy of Agency Entourage)
  • Headshots of your employees with brief descriptions to highlight your corporate culture
  • E-books (like this fabulous one from Hubspot that inspired this very post!)
  • Blog pictures (every blog post you create should be tied to an image or graphic)

Use your SEO strategy to create successful boards

Just as you would use keywords in your SEO planning, create boards on Pinterest using those same core keywords. By doing so, you will increase your chances of being seen by the kind of people you want looking your way. Strive to create the best, most knowledgeable and resourceful boards on those subjects and you’re golden.

Avoid shameless self promotion

Nobody likes a bragger. So as with any social media platform used for business, communication is a two-way road. If you log on to only post your own hype, and do not at least try to see what else is out there, you will be doing yourself a great disservice. Which brings me to my next point…


Before you start pinning, take some time to get familiar with the Pinterest community. See what all is out there and reach out to experienced pinners. When pinning, make sure to include others’ work and not just your own. Comment and follow others’ boards. You never know…if someone sees you eyeballing their boards, they may just feel inclined to check your boards out as well.

Promote your page through other platforms

When starting out on your Pinterest journey, the best way to start building your audience is by linking Pinterest from your other sites (company website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Add the Pinterest “follow” button to your other web pages so others may link to your content. Simple enough, right?

The bottom line is that Pinterest can be used as a business tool. However, as with all other social media sites, Pinterest isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of site. Each business should plan to use the site differently in a way that works best for their industry.

Or, if you don’t find relevance in the content currently being shared on the site, be comfortable walking away from it completely. There’s no rule that saysas soon as a new Social Media tool emerges your company has to jump on the bandwagon.

For more information on using Pinterest for your business, check out this and that.

2 Responses to “Pin to Win: How to Use Pinterest for Your Business”
  1. zoros1976 says:

    Thank you, good post about Pinterest – not to sell but to engage

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    Reblogged this on Web & Social Media Strategist and commented:
    What can Pinterest do for your business?

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