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My Go-To Writing Process

I was recently in a meeting and asked about my creative writing process, and I was initially perplexed over how to answer such a question. Did I have a tried-and-true routine?  Could I give him an elaborate step-by-step guide for what goes on in my brain while writing? After mulling over the subject, I realized … Continue reading

Humans vs. Robots: Social Media Edition

This morning, I awoke to the news of the Colorado Theatre Shooting, where a gunman opened fire on the audience of a midnight screening of the new “The Dark Knight Rises” film. President Obama, who was in Florida at the time, was briefed a little after 5 A.M. with the news, and gave a statement to the … Continue reading

Pin to Win: How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

As the love child of Flickr and Etsy, Pinterest has steadily become the online guilty pleasure of many. From decorating ideas to mouthwatering recipes to future wedding planning (often formed before marriage has even been proposed), Pinterest has quickly proven its worth in the Social Media arena. However, finding ways to use the site professionally … Continue reading

Public Relations from a non-PR Major

My educational background was not in public relations, so when I began my PR courses I felt a bit out of my league. Now, I’m nearing my final semester of grad school, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that I’m about to be a full-fledged adult free of homework and APA citations. This past year has … Continue reading

When “Going Viral” Can Actually Heal

This post is a bit different from my normal PR-related content, but it’s something that has really weighed heavy on my mind and I feel it’s important to share. Yesterday, along with most of the YouTube world, I was turned onto a video called “Whats goin on” originally posted in August by 14-year-old Jonas Mowry. The video … Continue reading

Culture’s Influence on Language

Move over, “Bootylicious” – there’s a new generation of culturally influenced words earning spots on the pages of the English dictionary. Did you know that the compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary chose the phrase “squeezed middle” as the word of the year for 2011? If you’re unfamiliar with this term, also referred to as the … Continue reading

The Millennial Generation: Silent Threat or Unapologetically Lazy?

I had the chance to listen to a lecture from George Foster of Foster Marketing this week, and while discussing his office environment he posed a very interesting question: Are millennials lazy? If you’re not familiar with the term, millennials are those born somewhere between the early 80s and the mid-90s. We bear many names: … Continue reading

Belly Full O’ Turkey and a Break in Sight

This Thanksgiving, as I was thinking up my list of what I’m grateful for this year, I came up with a few items not worthy of the awe-inducing round table at the official family dinner. Sure, I’m always grateful for friends, family, health and happiness… but where’s the fun in saying that for 25 consecutive … Continue reading

Practice Safe Tweeting: How to use social media responsibly and professionally

A few days ago I tweeted about trying aerial yoga for the first time, and by the end of the night I had five new yoga-related followers. None of them had any shared followers as me, and two weren’t even from the state of Texas. To me, this came across as a lame and desperate … Continue reading

Grammar vs. The World

 Do U you ever find urself yourself correcting ppl’s people’s awful grammer grammar on da the web? When you see a Facebook message that reads, “Your sooooo funny,” do you respond with, “My sooooo funny what?!” Do you shake your fists at the grammar gods when people have to much or alot of something? Do you … Continue reading

PR life decisions: Where do you want to be?

A couple of summers ago, I interned at a small agency in Dallas where I got the chance to meet some great people and work with some interesting clients. However, it was also through this agency that I realized I hated didn’t really care for agencies. In-house was much more my cup of tea. But … Continue reading

How Ford, Comcast and Dell Measure Social Media ROI

PR-Squared blogger Todd Defren wrote a two-part series this week discussing how different companies measure Social Media ROI. In his first post, Defren asks the question: how many tweets does it take to impress the CEO? While social media professionals shouldn’t disregard their company’s Klout score or the number of times one of their messages … Continue reading

Social Media Tribes: America’s Communication Culture Has Come Full-Circle

I was fortunate enough to hear Steve Lee, CEO and “chief pathfinder” of Quicksilver Interactive, speak to a group of students at the University of North Texas earlier this week. Steve is a bit of a wizard when it comes to social media strategy and new technology in business, so it was interesting to get … Continue reading

Best of PR in 2011 (so far)

  When it comes to crisis communications, there is no single formula that can be applied in all circumstances. Having a contingency plan written up can only take you so far in the event of a disaster. What really counts is to have people thinking on their toes, thinking strategically, and just thinking with plain common sense. In … Continue reading

Netflix axes Qwikster, Users Rejoice

When I saw the title for this blog post, my finger couldn’t click on that link fast enough. As a Netflix subscriber, I was beyond irked when I read last month about the company separating its DVD and streaming services into two separate entities. If you’re not familiar with the situation, in early September Netflix … Continue reading

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